Hello! My name is Tyler snyder. I am an author under Crystal Publishing. I am currently working my series, Romancing the Darkness. It is about a boy, Tristan, becoming a guardian to a princess, who’s family is currently at war with the rest of the world. He falls in forbidden love with his princess and succumbs to the laws of his world, Ambion, that royal and common blood cannot mix. During Tristan’s campaign he makes a discovery that something more sinister may be brewing behind the scenes. The story is filled with magic, great beasts, gods, action and a touch of romance. Romancing the Darkness is my baby and something I have been developing for a long time.

I was born in Medford Oregon. Currently I live in Wyoming with my beautiful wife. I work for Frito Lay delivering potato chips. I’m a complete nerd at heart. I love books, movies, video games, magic the gathering, Dungeons and Dragons. Favorite movie of all time is Jurassic Park. I saw it six times in the theater. My favorite franchise is definitely Star Wars. I can actually recite A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. I choose to ignore the last three installments in that franchise though. Just my opinion. I could say Harry Potter. But that’s something I aspire to be, but not my favorite, but its pretty high up on my list. Anime! Love anime! What got me into it was Toonami on Cartoon network. My very first anime was Dragonball. I have not looked back since. It’s safe to say I enjoy most nerdy things. I do have a deep passion for most music. I like most kinds of music ranging from classical, to rock and metal, to old 90’s rap and on the rare occasion some pop music. Football is my favorite sport to watch. Go Falcons! I have zero understanding of the rules of hockey. But I love going to games. Traveling is definitely something I have to do. I love to explore. I mean the sites are great, but I go for the food. Trying new food is awesome. I hate the term foodie because I don’t think I’m that. But I would certainly travel to new places just for the food.

I’m sure there is more I can add that I haven’t thought of, so this page will grow as time goes on. This is me in a nutshell.